"Scuttlebutt" is a quarterly newsletter for the Department of Florida, Navy Seabee Veterans of America organization.  

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Commander (Editor), Carl Barrett Tel: (863-299-9009); email: cbarret4@yahoo.com

Vice Commander, Ronald Zasloff Tel: (305-778-8195); email: zas@aol.com 

Secretary, John Lowe Tel: (352--344-4703); email: seabeejlowe@tampabay.rr.com

Recording Secy, David Buchanan (352-564-0378) email: DBuchanan@centurylink.net 

Treas. Karl (Chuck) Douge (305-230-8000) email: ChuckDougeFloridaSVA@gmail.com 

Chaplain, Elmer Mayes (407-414-6889) email: toppreach11@msn.com

Parliamentarian Kenneth Gammon (863-647-5116) email: KennethGammon@aol.com

Master-At-Arms Richard John (863-255-1846) email: rej41b31@tampabay.rr.com

Webmaster Amy Bradley (863-299-9009) email: logcabin81428@yahoo.com

Constitution Chairman Bill Beyerle (772-778-9909) email: LBinVERO@aol.com

Meet the DOFL Officers 2013-2014

NOTE: I would encourage each elected Officer of the NSVA, Department of Florida, Executive Committee to submit a Bio for publication in each issue of the “Scuttlebutt” Newsletter. If none are submitted I will request one from you. 


Born and raised in Vincennes, Indiana
Graduated from Lincoln High School in 1958.
NTC Great Lakes, Ill July-Sept 1958
NTC Bainbridge, MD Sept. 58-Jan 59
USS Waller DDE 466 Jan. 59-June 60
Naval Schools Command, Newport, RI June 60-Sept. 60
USS Lexington CUA16 Oct. 60-June 62 Discharged June 62
Stayed with the Naval Reserve program
Naval Reserve Training Command, Omaha Neb July 67-Mar 68
Naval Schools Command Norfolk, Va. Mar 68-April 68
Recalled to active Duty June 68
NMCB-12 Gulfport, Ms June 68-Aug. 69
Tour to Viet Nam returned to the states Deactivated NMCB-12
NMCB 128 Gulfport, Ms Aug 69-Jan. 70 During Hurricane Camile 
Deactivated NMCB 128
NMCB-121 Gulfport Ms Jan 70-July 70 2nd tour to Vietnam
Naval Station-Norfolk, VA July 70-Sept. 70
USS Sylvania AFS-2 Sept. 70-Aug 72
ADCOM NTC Great Lakes, Ill Sept 72-July 75
USS Forrestal CVA 59 Aug. 75-Mar. 79
Comnavsurflant Norfolk, VA Apr. 79-June 81
USS Seattle AOE 3 Sept. 81—Sept. 82
Comservgru two on board USS Yellowstone Sept. 82-May 83 
Retired out of Navy and transfered to the Fleet Reserve
Married my wife Karen May 20, 1989
Became involved in NSVA, DOFL Island X-18 and then helped form NSVA, DOFL Island X-23.  
Have held all Executive Offices in Islands X-18 & X-23. Served as Vice Commander for the Dept. of Florida and am currently serving as NSVA, DOFL Dept. Secy.


Amy and I would like to wish all Seabees and Honeybees of your Island within the DOFL a “Very Happy New Year.” We hope this year finds each of you in good health and I thank you for your Seabee “Can Do” Spirit that maintains your Island and this Department functional for the New Year. 

It is only through each of you that the DOFL & your Islands remain functional. Your dedication to recruiting new members and growth of your Island continues to build the strength of our NSVA, DOFL Seabee & Honeybee Veterans Social Organization. I want to personally thank each Islands Executive Committee and each Island Seabee & Honeybee for your valued support. I again thank our WWII Veterans for all the hard work they did in building the NSVA, DOFL into what we have today, “Well Done” Seabees!

Amy and I have been working very hard to locate a suitable location for our Spring Convention that is suitable to all Seabees & Honeybees of any age and we have found a location that meets that demand. We have presently put together the hotel information complete with Registration form that can be reproduced for all your Island members. 

Please remember: If you are the Point of Contact for your Island it is your responsibility to insure each Island Seabee & Honeybee is aware of the information passed on by this newsletter and the information provided for the NSVA/DOFL Convention April 23-27, 2014. 

Special Project: 

I want to thank the following Seabees for their most “Can Do” dedication, support and hard work in helping out with the “Extreme Makeover for Give the Kids the World Village” project. The project they requested that the Seabees to do was the construction of the miniature Amberville Boat Docks, re-piping of 400’ of flexible PVC for the Boat Pond and installing two lighthouses. One Seabee Charlie Coffin traveled all the way from New York State to assist. Florida Seabees who assisted were NSVA National Vice Commander David Buchanan from Crystal River, FL, Island X-2 Commander Joseph Angello from Zephyrhills, FL, John Jenson from St. Cloud, FL, and Civilian Mr. Donald Martin and yours truly from Winter Haven, FL. all went to work on the project and completed the assignment within one week. “Give Kids the World (GKTW) Village” runs on all volunteer service and is affiliated with “Make a Wish Foundation.” GKTW is forever thankful for the hard work the Seabees accomplished and I personally thank each Seabee and my community neighbor Don Martin who jumped in to do this project, their personal travel time and cost associated with the job while maintaining their Seabee legacy that “WE BUILD AND FIGHT WITH COMPASSION FOR OTHERS” AND THEIR CAN DO SPIRIT was truly reflected here. “Once a Seabee always a Seabee.” We of course left our logo there to reflect our presence FOREVER which consisted of the very first Seabee bronze marker & flag holder produced by the Seabee Veterans in Nebraska.  


Island Points of Contacts are required to pass on information and copies of the DOFL “Scuttlebutt” newsletter to their NSVA, Island Members. I do not request any task for you to do that I am not doing or willing to do for my home Island Seabees & Honeybees.

Island X-2- Lakeland, Newsletter Editor: cbarret4@yahoo.com
Island X-4- Orlando, Normand Dupuis, email: NORMANDChf@aol.com 
Island X-5- Ft. Lauderdale, Ron Zasloff, email Zas@aol.com 
Island X-6- Spring Hill, Gert Korndoerfer, email gertalk@gmail.com 
Island X-8-Lee County, David Dague, email: villageduffer522@hotmail.com
Island X-9-Jacksonville, Raymond Clemmons, email: seabeeclem@mac.com 
Island X-10-Stuart, Anthony Disarno, email tdisarno@bellsouth.net 
Island X-11-Tampa, John Hillyer, email jhillyerIII@aol.com 
Island X-12- William A. Edwards, West Palm Beach, email seabeemcb11@hotmail.com 
Island X-13- South Sarasota County, Jim Carstairs, email: jcarstairs4@comcast.net
Island X-16- South Hills County, Bernie Hogan email: bmho646@hotmail.com
Island X-19- Daytona, Don Rowley, email: ddrr321@@aol.com
Island X-20- Melbourne, Peter Marx, email: pmarx1@cfl.rr.com 
Island X-23-Crystal River, David Buchanan, email DBuchanan@centurylink.net     


Island X-1- Clearwater
Island X-3- Sarasota
Island X-7- Panama City
Island X-14- Leesburg
Island X-15- Tallahassee
Island X-17- New Port Richey
Island X-18- Citrus County
Island X-21- Kissimmee/Saint Cloud
Island X-22- Lake City

Note: NSVA, DOFL at present has 14 active Islands & 9 Inactive Islands; Memberships remaining in “Inactive Islands” will be transferred to an “Active Island” within the Department of Florida for proper representation by our National Organization. An “Inactive Island” cannot support its Members to National or receive the Island Life Membership payouts that take place every September and “this is unacceptable.” 

The Life Membership per capita payout in September as we once knew it has changed from $11.00 to National, $3.00 received by the Islands for each life member of the Island and $1.00 being forwarded to the Department to the following: 

The per capita payout shall be paid from Interest earned from the Life Membership fund and distributed on a percentage basis allotting 60% to the National Headquarters; 30% to Islands and 10% to all Departments. 

Operations within the National Organization Membership Committee has changed to keep abreast with the current National economy and the current dividend payouts received through investment in the life Membership account. 


NSVAA...........by Nancy Staples X-23 NSVAA and National President 
I personally have met many wonderful people through my short auxiliary life and look forward to meeting many more. I have visited three Islands in Florida and passed out applications for membership. One Island is already working on starting its own auxiliary. I know that I won’t be able to visit all the auxiliaries but be assured that I am happy for all who are members of the NSVAA. Don’t forget, if you do not have an auxiliary in your area, you can still become a Member at Large. 
Email me for further information. GEONAN5565@yahoo.com
See you at the DOFL NSVA Convention. There will be an NSVAA meeting.. watch for further information.


Reference: Excerpts from Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc. 1948-1987 History, Titled “We Have You Covered.” By Alfred E. Don, USN (Ret), National Historian, An Introduction “To Our Story”, Pages 1-2, 1-4 & 1-5 Titled: “The Constructive Time”, First decade 1948-1957. 


When writing of the early days of the original few who worked and laid the ground work for the present day Navy SEABEE Veterans of America Organization, there is one name that will always be in our hearts and minds. That name belongs to a leader, the late Captain Howard P. Potter, CEC, from the early documents read and digested, it seems that Captain Potter was instrumental in not only bringing the SEABEE Veterans together in units called Chapters to further their fellowship, he envisioned the need for a National Organization that would be exclusively for the World War II SEABEE Veteran. In 1948 he called and gathered together the Men of the Chapters within the Chicago area for the purpose of developing a National Organization. 

They realized that problems and difficulties involved in implementing an organization of national scope would demand considerable time and effort; however, they felt that the ground work for a national organization would best be started by organizing state and local chapters where SEABEES and CEC’s could be found within the USA. Then and only then could these state and local chapters be welded into a national association. 

The development of a National Association was to follow the generally accepted democratic process employed in the United States, that of implementation by Constitutional Convention. This method insures that the resulting Organization would represent the will of the majority. 

From these considerations a National (Constitutional) Convention was called. This Convention was held at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago, 8-10 May 1948. Over a hundred members and delegates from 13 states were in attendance, and a Constitution was drawn up, revised and accepted by the Convention.  

From this Constitutional Convention, date and place were voted upon to hold the Association’s first Annual National Convention. The attendees at the Constitutional Convention choose 8-10 October 1948 at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago as the time and place to begin the 40 year history of the SEABEE Veterans of America. 

Hundreds of SEABEES and their guests enjoyed the planned programs along with many other special attendees. Our old boss during the war, none other than Vice Admiral Ben MOREELL was among the guest speakers. An address by Rear Admiral John J. Manning, CEC, USN, Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks (Currently NAVFAC) was also one of the many highlights of the evening. 

Those who attended did a terrific job in laying the foundation for our permanent National Organization. A vast amount of practical planning and business was accomplished in a short period of time. The outstanding features mentioned were again the same shown at the Constitutional Convention held previous in May: enthusiasm, loyalty, fellowship, and common determination to build a permanent enduring fraternity. 


Note: As Editor of the Department of Florida “Scuttlebutt” newsletter I will include special articles when available from current Navy information: 


New Force Master Chief of the Seabees from NAVFAC HQ Public Affairs: CMC (SCW) Christopher R. Levesque assumed command in January 2014. Force MCPO Levesque is the highest ranking enlisted Seabee and has replaced FORMC (SCW) Douglas R. Dickey who retired this February 2014. 


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MAKE CHANGES BY NOTIFYING cbarret4@yahoo.com 


X-2 Lakeland 2nd. Sat. 10:00 AM “Golden Corral” 4532 South Florida Ave., Lakeland
X-4 Orlando 3rd. Sat. 10:00 AM Casselberry Veterans Club, 200 Concord Dr.  
X-5 Ft. Lauderdale 4th. Sat. 12:00 Noon Blue Moon Diner, 10076 Griffin Rd., Cooper City  
X-6 Spring Hill 3rd. Sat. 10:30 AM VFW Post 9236, Shoal Line Blvd., Hernando Beach
X-8 Lee County 4th Mon. 12:00 Noon T.P. Hollihan’s 3448 Town Lane, North Ft. Myers 
X-9 Jacksonville 3rd. Thur. 13:00 PM American Legion, Mayport,  
X-10 Stuart 4th Sat. 11:00 AM Norris Restaurant, 6598 South US Hwy. 1
X-12 W. Palm Beach 2nd Sat 12:00 Noon Greenacre City, Loyal order of the Moose
X-13 So. Sarasota 2nd. Sat. 11:30 AM Family Table Rest. 14132 So. Tamiami Tr. North Port
X-16 So. Hills, Co 1st. Thur. 10:00 AM Buddy Freddies-Sun Pt. Shopping Cntr, SR674, Ruskin. 
X-19 Daytona 2nd. Sat. 11:00 AM Ryans, S. Ridgewood Ave., South Daytona Beach 
X- 20 Melbourne 2nd. Sat. 10:00 AM Don’s Hoagies 847 Apollo Blvd., Melbourne
X-23 Crystal River 3rd. Tue. 10:30 AM Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club, 505 Hartford St., Hernando