"Scuttlebutt" is a quarterly newsletter for the Department of Florida, Navy Seabee Veterans of America organization.  

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Commander (Editor), Carl Barrett Tel: (863-299-9009); email: cbarret4@yahoo.com

Vice Commander, Michael P. Gentz (407-325-8915); email mikegentz116@gmail.com

Secretary, John Lowe Tel: (352--344-4703); email: seabeejlowe@tampabay.rr.com

Recording Secy, David Buchanan (352-564-0378) email: DBuchanan@centurylink.net 

Treas. Karl (Chuck) Douge (305-230-8000) email: ChuckDougeFloridaSVA@gmail.com 

Chaplain, Elmer Mayes (407-414-6889) email: toppreach11@msn.com

Parliamentarian Kenneth Gammon (863-647-5116) email: KennethGammon@aol.com

Master-At-Arms Richard John (863-255-1846) email: rej41b31@tampabay.rr.com

Webmaster Amy Bradley (863-299-9009) email: logcabin81428@yahoo.com

Constitution Chairman Bill Beyerle (772-778-9909) email: LBinVERO@aol.com


Greetings “Can Do” Seabees: 

Since this is the last issue of the Scuttlebutt for 2014, I and Amy want to wish each Seabee & Honeybee of the Department of Florida (All Islands make up the Department) families a very Merry Holiday Season which will soon be upon us in no time at all. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with lots of celebration. I ask God to bless each of you, your families and our Nation. Please pray for our Country and our ready & deployed Seabees along with our Marine Brothers for their safety & return to their loved ones. 

Now to the business at hand: First I would like to pass on a “Well Done” to the hard work of Karl (Chuck) Douge’ who took on the leadership task of Host Island representative for the National Convention held in Ft. Lauderdale 14-17 August 2014. The Hosting of a National Convention is no easy task and with the help of Island X-5 Commander Juana Thomas, the two of you and your assistants did a super job. The meeting spaces were more than adequate, the banquet food was right on, plenty of it and the camaraderie was as always the best part. A well deserved NSVA-Department of Florida thank you is in definitely in order. 

Lots of business was conducted at the Convention that will affect all members of the NSVA one way or another. Let me begin with the NSVA National budget. The requirement for a budget was voted in during my tenure of 2010-12 and stated that the National organization would create and maintain a budget which in the past had not been done. The budget requirement now requires NSVA National which is all of us to “Bite the Bullet.” Cut back on spending is the term I should have used. The National Treasurer gave the General Membership three choices, (1) Do nothing at all and go broke, (2) stop payment of Life Membership funds to Departments and Islands keeping the money in the National Treasury and (3) Cut back on the cost of the “Can Do” publication fees. First the “Life Membership” funds are invested in an account and can’t be touched. NSVA Operates off of the revenue (Pay-out) of the invested Life Membership funds and the annual membership funds received from annual and life memberships. “Guess What? Annual Membership is declining like all other Veterans Organizations. We have a total membership of 4,842 or a decrease of 60 members since 2013; therefore, NSVA (We, us our National) has to cut back on spending immediately to continue to function. This was approved by the General Membership to take effect immediately. 

Now for the sad news! 

(1) The Departments and Islands will not be receiving from National the annual payout from the Life membership investments. This is to take place immediately and continue until further notice, 

(2) Immediately until further notice the NSVA “Can Do” magazine will still be posted quarterly on the internet site www.nsva.org as normal, however you will only receive a printed copy in the mail twice annually. 

The DOFL Island Scuttlebutt “Point of Contacts” can provide much needed assistance to those in their Islands who do not have computers. This can be done by printing a copy of the quarterly “Can Do’s” not mailed to the Membership from the National website and copying economically in black & white, and furnishing the copies requested by their Island membership. This is what I plan to do for Island X-2 “My home Island.” Printing costs can be reasonable through membership donations for this worthwhile task. 

National Vice Commander at Large, David Buchanan reported that the Seabee Memorial Markers for National Military Cemeteries are now costing $1,425 to fabricate and a slab 38” x 24” x 4” thick is required for the base. Awards for the number of increase in memberships went to the Department of Washington State. The NSVA National ceremonies held at the Seabee memorial annually on the Seabee Birthday and on Veterans Day now cost National $1,500.00 per event as NAVFAC can no longer provide funding or support due to the Government reductions in funding on what is considered to be non essential items such as ceremonies.

Elected NSVA National Executive Committee Officers for 2014-2015: Commander- David Buchanan; Vice Commander at Large- Jon Scott; Secretary- Mel Ramige; Treasurer- Jerry Schmuck. 


The NSVA Department OF Florida Mid-Year 0900 AM meeting is scheduled again for the last Saturday in October which is 0800 AM to 11:30 AM on 10-25-2014. There are some vital important issues that must be resolved to curtail our Department spending now and into the future out-years. Remember: All Island Commanders and Secretaries should be represented, so information can be provided to their Island membership after the meeting. An open invitation is also provided to all members and Honeybees who are interested and wish to attend. The price for attending is the cost of your breakfast. I have prepared NSVA Department of Florida “Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for use by the Officers of the NSVA DOFL Executive Committee. The SOP’s have been needed for a long time to assist in training of new officers staffing their office after annual elections. These SOP’s can provide a ready reference to assist and provided better understanding of the responsibilities for those officers who are sworn in for their elected tenure. These SOP’s could also be utilized if desired for Island Executive Board positions. If requested I can reproduce them for the Islands. To date there are five SOP’s titled: (1) You May Ask Why Do We Need SOP’s? (2) Duties of The Vice Commander,(3) Duties Of The Secretary, (4) Duties of The Treasurer, (5) Duties of the National Executive Committee Person. 


Island X-1- Clearwater
Island X-3- Sarasota 
Island X-7- Panama City 
Island X-14- Leesburg
Island X-15- Tallahassee 
Island X-17- New Port Richey 
Island X-18- Citrus County, 
Island X-21- Kissimmee/Saint Cloud,  
Island X-22- Lake City

Total: 9


Please remember: If you are the Point of Contact for your Island it is your responsibility to insure each Island Seabee & Honeybee is aware of the information passed on by this newsletter and the information provided for any of the NSVA/DOFL Mid-Year Meetings or Conventions. 

Island Points of Contacts are requested to pass on information and copies of the DOFL “Scuttlebutt” newsletter to their NSVA, Island Members. I do not request any task for you to do that I am not doing or willing to do for my home Island Seabees & Honeybees.

Island X-2- Lakeland, Newsletter Editor: cbarret4@yahoo.com
Island X-4- Orlando, Normand Dupuis, email: NORMANDChf@aol.com 
Island X-5- Ft. Lauderdale, Juana Thomas, email BELLECOCO71@yahoo.com 
Island X-6- Spring Hill, Gert Korndoerfer, email gertalk@gmail.com 
Island X-8-Lee County, David Dague, email: villageduffer522@hotmail.com (239-567-1070 or 239-560-6128)  
Island X-9-Jacksonville, Raymond Clemmons, email: seabeeclem@mac.com 
Island X-10-Stuart, Anthony Disarno, email tdisarno@bellsouth.net 
Island X-11-Tampa, John Hillyer, email jhillyerIII@aol.com 
Island X-12-West Palm Beach, Cynthia J. Sjogren email: wustercj@gmail.com 
Island X-13- South Sarasota County, Jim Carstairs, email: jcarstairs4@comcast.net
Island X-16- South Hills County, Frank Stulic Jr. email: seabee744@gmail.com 
Island X-19- Daytona, Don Rowley, email: ddrr321@@aol.com
Island X-20- Melbourne, Peter Marx, email: pmarx1@cfl.rr.com 
Island X-23-Crystal River, David Buchanan, email DBuchanan@centurylink.net 

The Department of Florida email listing: Is produced for membership’s use (Seabees & Honeybees) and is available by request from cbarret4@yahoo.com. The email listing is only as current and correct as the Department membership provides feed-back to me. If you discover a mistake, make changes to your email address, change officers after elections, etc. please let me know.  


2013-2015 NSVAA NATIONAL OFFICERS From the left…Linda Schmuck, Treasurer; Sharon Landcastle, Secretary; Amy Bradley, Vice-President; and Nancy Staples, President. Not pictured is Joan Buchanan, Chaplain or Elaine Coffin, Parliamentarian, who was appointed after the 2013 convention.

NSVA AUXILIARY  This has been a busy few months for me….and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any in the next few. Island X-23 Auxiliary finally has a correct copy of its charter just in time for our meetings to start up in the fall. 

 By the time you are reading this, I will have installed the officers of Island X-11, Tampa’s new auxiliary and presented them with their charter. I wish them the very best of luck with their new auxiliary.

The National Convention held in Ft Lauderdale was very productive for the National Auxiliary. We had various items on display for a donation, and we raffled off the beautiful plastic canvas eagle created by Island X-23’s Marilyn Hickok. Linda Joiner, X-11, was the winner but donated it to Captain Hedrick, Commander of NMCB 14, who was the guest speaker at the convention banquet.. We also held a 50/50 raffle and the winner, Doreen Doe, donated it back to the National Auxiliary. The National Auxiliary gave a check to the SMSA for $1,000 and to the Seabee Monument Project a check for $1,400.  

John and Karen Lowe, Marilyn Hickok, and I (all of Island X-23) attached tags to 80 Seabee Freedom Roses to be distributed at a Seabee battalion reunion. We will continue putting together more Roses for future events. The Seabee Freedom Rose Project was created to bring awareness to the Navy Seabee Veterans of America and the roses have a tag attached with the NSVA logo. Any Island can create and pass out the roses any-where, any time. It would be a great idea with Veteran’s Day coming up. If you need further information about the Seabee Freedom Rose Project, please contact me.

If you are not a member of the NSVA Auxiliary, please consider joining us.

Nancy Staples
NSVAA National & Island X-23 President


FLCPOA (Florida Chief Petty Officers Association, for E-7, 8 & 9’s, $10.00 annual dues) 
Happenings: USN Birthday Celebration & “Fall Fling” is scheduled for Wednesday to Sunday October 8th to 12th, 2014 at the Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration, 2900 Parkway Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34747, 1-407-396-7000.Point o f Contact R.A. Wall, 207 Viking Dr., Plymouth, MA. 02360 


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A friend asks a new father, “Why did you decide to name your baby Bill?” “Because,” the father replied, “he came on the first of the month.” 

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X-2 Lakeland 2nd. Sat. 10:00 AM “Golden Corral” 4532 South Florida Ave., Lakeland
X-4 Orlando 3rd. Sat. 10:00 AM Casselberry Veterans Club, 200 Concord Dr.  
X-5 Ft. Lauderdale 4th. Sat. 12:00 Noon Blue Moon Diner, 10076 Griffin Rd., Cooper City  
X-6 Spring Hill 3rd. Sat. 10:30 AM VFW Post 9236, Shoal Line Blvd., Hernando Beach
X-8 Lee County 4th Mon. 12:00 Noon Golden Corral, 4590 Colonial Blvd., Ft. Myers 
X-9 Jacksonville 3rd. Thur. 13:00 PM American Legion, Mayport,  
X-10 Stuart 4th Sat. 11:00 AM Norris Restaurant, 6598 South US Hwy. 1
X-11 Tampa 2nd Wed. 6:30 PM “Golden Corral” 11801 North 56th St., Temple Terrace
X-12 W. Palm Beach 2nd Sat 12:00 Noon Greenacre City, Loyal order of the Moose
X-13 So. Sarasota 2nd. Sat. 11:30 AM Family Table Rest. 14132 So. Tamiami Tr. North Port
X-16 So. Hills, Co - see updated info on Island X16 tab
X-19 Daytona 2nd. Sat. 11:00 AM Emory Bennett Veterans Home, Daytona Beach,
  1120 Mason Ave. 
X- 20 Melbourne 2nd. Sat. 10:00 AM Don’s Hoagies 847 Apollo Blvd., Melbourne
X-23 Crystal River 3rd. Tue. 10:30 AM Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club, 505 Hartford St.,