"Scuttlebutt" is a quarterly newsletter for the Department of Florida, Navy Seabee Veterans of America organization.  

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Commander (Editor), Carl Barrett Tel: (863-299-9009); email: cbarret4@yahoo.com

Vice Commander, Michael P. Gentz (407-325-8915); email mikegentz116@gmail.com

Secretary, John Lowe Tel: (352--344-4703); email: seabeejlowe@tampabay.rr.com

Recording Secy, David Buchanan (352-564-0378) email: DBuchanan@centurylink.net 

Treas. Karl (Chuck) Douge (305-230-8000) email: ChuckDougeFloridaSVA@gmail.com 

Chaplain, Elmer Mayes (407-414-6889) email: toppreach11@msn.com

Parliamentarian Kenneth Gammon (863-647-5116) email: KennethGammon@aol.com

Master-At-Arms Richard John (863-255-1846) email: rej41b31@tampabay.rr.com

Webmaster Amy Bradley (863-299-9009) email: logcabin81428@yahoo.com

Constitution Chairman Bill Beyerle (772-778-9909) email: LBinVERO@aol.com


Greetings “Can Do” Seabees: 

As your Department Commander I would like to personally thank every member and Honeybee who took their precious time to attend and participate in the 43rd. Annual Department of Florida Convention held at the Park Inn Radisson, 311 Maingate Drive, Kissimmee, Fl, 23-25 April 2014. I especially want to thank My Honeybee Amy for all her help in locating a great place for a Convention, her assistance in the registration process and helping bring the Convention all together. I also want to thank the Island X-23 Auxiliary for all their assistance in selling the tickets for the 50/25/25 where the winner got 50% and the X-23 Auxiliary got 25% for their Seabee Monument project in every VA cemetery fund and 25% was donated to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship program, Thank you Island X-23 Nancy Staples, Joan Buchanan & Karen Lowe for manning the prize tables. I also want to thank Island X-2 Honeybee Virginia Mann for her assistance with registration. 

Your attendance at these functions is vital to the Department of Florida Island Commanders & Secretaries as the membership of your Island makes it possible for the State of Florida to maintain a Department. Each member of any Island here within the “Sunshine State” is a vital member who supports not only their Island but also the DOFL. There were 34 registered members in attendance and I congratulate those Islands that were represented for their dedication to our Constitution. The Islands represented were: X-2, X-4, X-5, X-6, X-10, X-16 & X-23. The following Islands were not represented X-8, X-9, X-12, X-19 & X-23. I would like to say that those Islands with representatives who did not attend, YOU MISSED A GOOD CONVENTION!  

I want to Congratulate Michael P. Gentz for being nominated & sworn in to fill the position of DOFL vice Commander, “Welcome Mike” we appreciate your dedication to the NSVA & DOFL. I also want to give my personal thanks for DOFL Chaplain Elmer Mayes and Elmer’s Honeybee Ruth for the wonderful Memorial Service, “Well Done” Chaplain and I am sorry I messed up the “Taps.” I also want to thank my old Buddy “Shot” McCrary for his reading of the “Last Detail” which is a very meaningful message to all who have ever served our Nation in the past. It was very sad to see that we only had 20 Seabees & Honeybees at the Memorial Service as we bid our former NSVA, DOFL member’s fair well. Remember when you depart this world to duty with the Supreme Commander one day I hope someone will remember to read your name and honor your service to a grateful Nation. 

The hotel accommodations were as expected:  room accommodations were as previously seen and shown to Amy and I at our original visit, banquet food was wholesome and filling, however some problems did arise and were notably brought to Managements attention concerning restaurant service and check-in counter personnel. The management stated these problems would be corrected and that my comments would be used in the future for additional training of their staff. They further stated we could expect better service at a future stay, should we choose to do so. This Hotel was recently purchased by new owners, rehabilitated and a complete new staff was brought on board. All-In-All the hotel management staff met our expectations and bent over backwards to meet our requests and eliminate the resort fees. 

At the banquet the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association was represented by Joe Leahy, Capt., CEC, USN (Ret) along with two students Capt. Leahy introduced who are currently attending a University with a SMSA Scholarships. Thank you Capt. Leahy as your program is always very interesting and shows our Seabee Veterans & Honeybees the importance of the SMSA program. You are a welcome guest at any of our NSVA, DOFL functions. The Convention Banquet Guest Speaker from Daytona Beach, FL. Was Brandi Anderson who gave a wonderful talk about her father BU2 Michael Anderson of NMCB-14 who was KIA in Iraq and what affect it had on her and her family. 

The Convention raffles and prize drawings was great fun and I received comments from many of the attendees that they had a very enjoyable time at the Convention. The Hospitality room was managed very well by Island X-11 and John Hillyer & crew who did a super job and Island X-4 provided the Color Guard ((Fred Surrency & Willie Sutton) for the Banquet evening, “WELL DONE SEABEES!” 

In this issue you will find additional pages which contain a DOFL Commander’s survey sheet, Convention meeting minutes & the DOFL Commander’s annual report. I would request every Island Commander gather the information from the survey sheets from each member of their Island and compile the information on one total Island survey sheet and send the completed Island survey from your Island back to me as requested by no later 15 July 2014.  

Please remember: If you are the Point of Contact for your Island it is your responsibility to insure each Island Seabee & Honeybee is aware of the information passed on by this newsletter and the information provided for the NSVA/DOFL Convention April 23-27, 2014. 

Island Points of Contacts are required to pass on information and copies of the DOFL “Scuttlebutt” newsletter to their NSVA, Island Members. I do not request any task for you to do that I am not doing or willing to do for my home Island Seabees & Honeybees.

Island X-2- Lakeland, Newsletter Editor: cbarret4@yahoo.com
Island X-4- Orlando, Normand Dupuis, email: NORMANDChf@aol.com 
Island X-5- Ft. Lauderdale, Ron Zasloff, email Zas@aol.com 
Island X-6- Spring Hill, Gert Korndoerfer, email gertalk@gmail.com 
Island X-8-Lee County, David Dague, email: villageduffer522@hotmail.com (239-567-1070 or 239-560-6128)  
Island X-9-Jacksonville, Raymond Clemmons, email: seabeeclem@mac.com 
Island X-10-Stuart, Anthony Disarno, email tdisarno@bellsouth.net 
Island X-11-Tampa, John Hillyer, email jhillyerIII@aol.com 
Island X-12-West Palm Beach, Cynthia J. Sjogren email: wustercj@gmail.com 
Island X-13- South Sarasota County, Jim Carstairs, email: jcarstairs4@comcast.net
Island X-16- South Hills County, Raymond Walker email: rcwalk11@aol.com 
Island X-19- Daytona, Don Rowley, email: ddrr321@@aol.com
Island X-20- Melbourne, Peter Marx, email: pmarx1@cfl.rr.com 
Island X-23-Crystal River, David Buchanan, email DBuchanan@centurylink.net  

Island X-1- Clearwater, Island X-3- Sarasota, Island X-7- Panama City, Island X-14- Leesburg, Island X-15- Tallahassee, Island X-17- New Port Richey, 
Island X-18- Citrus County, Island X-21- Kissimmee/Saint Cloud,  
Island X-22- Lake City


2013-2015 NSVAA NATIONAL OFFICERS:  Linda Schmuck, Treasurer; Sharon Landcastle, Secretary; Amy Bradley, Vice-President; and Nancy Staples, President. Joan Buchanan, Chaplain and  Elaine Coffin, Parliamentarian, who was appointed after the 2013 convention.

The NSVA DOFL Convention went very well. KUDU’s to all who worked to make it a productive, yet, fun time. At the meeting on Friday, Commander Carl Barrett introduced the National NSVAA officers in attendance, Amy Bradley who is the National Vice-President, Joan Buchanan, National Chaplain and me, the National President. I invited all Honeybees to adjourn to the hall for a gathering. The new Procedure Manual was passed around and discussed how it is different from the old one. Island X-6, Brooksville NSVAA represented by the President Mickey Denner and Gert Korndoerfer received their copies. All Islands with Auxiliaries nationwide, will receive theirs shortly.

The National Convention in August will be my first National Convention to lead. I am excited and hope we have a great turn out of Auxiliary members. National NSVA Auxiliary will have a table of items to raffle including a $100 Visa gift card. Please bring an item for the table.

Island X-23 Crystal River has a beautiful plastic canvas eagle that will be raffled in August also. We began selling tickets at our meeting, continued at DOFL, and will finish selling at National with the drawing to take place Saturday night at the banquet. If you have not gotten your tickets, 6/$5.00, there is still time to get yours.

See you in August.

Nancy Staples, NSVA Auxiliary National President and Island X-23 President


I have often had comments made by previous & new members of the DOFL Executive Committee that there is no training made available for new members who are elected to the Committee and to serve as an Officer in the various positions.

1. First let me say that “your” NSVA, DOFL Constitution that was adopted in 2014 after much hard work bringing it to you as a more useful document. This 2014 DOFL Constitution is your “Bible.” You should become very familiar with the contents including the contents of the NSVA National Ritual/Procedures Manual. The Constitution is available from the DOFL Constitution Board Chairman, Mr. Bill Beyerle at email: LBinVero@aol.com or (772-778-9909). The NSVA National Ritual Manual is currently available on line at www.nsva.org.  

2. In the future I am going to produce what is known as “Standard Operation Procedures” (SOPs). They will be numbered and begin with # 1 as to “why the DOFL needs SOP’s.” After that there will be various SOP’s. Some SOP’s will be produced on how to present an prepare officer reports for an Executive Committee meeting to be presented both verbally and in writing so as the reports become a part of the meeting minutes and record. There will also be an SOP on how to properly prepare and provide a Treasury Report for the DOFL meetings so this report will also become a part of the meeting minutes. 

These SOP’s can be passed on from Officer to Officer as they change offices to maintain continuity within the DOFL and to insure assistance in a future office turn-over. These types of SOPs have been developed by Island X-2, Lakeland and they work very well. The SOPs have proven to be of great assistance to a newly elected Island officer and I feel they will be of assistance in the DOFL.  


After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year outside of Buffalo, New York scientists found traces of copper cable dating back 120 years. They came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago. Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, a Los Angeles, California archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet somewhere just outside Oceanside. Shortly after, a shortly in the LA Times read, “California archaeologists report finding 200 year old copper cable, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers.”  
One week later, a local paper in Lafayette Indiana reported the following: “After digging down to about 30 feet in his pasture near the community of Alamo Indiana, Ole Olson, a hell of an engineer and a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Ole has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Indiana had already gone wireless.” Just makes a person proud to be from Indiana. 


When it comes to pairing beer with poultry, Joe Morette isn’t too fussy. His New Hampshire turkeys drink just about any brand of beer, Morette, raises about 50 Thanksgiving turkeys each year & has been giving the birds beer since 1993. It seems a turkey knocked over a beer a few years ago & started guzzling up the spill. Ever since his turkeys diet includes sipping beer suds. A lager seems to be the birds preference and Morette, insists the beer makes birds fatter, more flavorable and juicier. “Oh, yeah, it’s noticeable, “One customer reports” …. The gravy is much darker and much tastier,” he said. Of course an animal rights group has its dander up about “souping up” the turkeys. But an avian veterinarian said the hops in the beer could be beneficial for the intestinal tract. With the beer he said the Tom turkeys seem to strut around more making a lot of loud belching sounds.  

MAD MEN ARE GIVEN A TEST: To check their mental state. The instructor draws a door on the wall and orders them to go out. They start rushing to the door but one remains sitting. The instructor goes to him and asks; “why didn’t you join the others?” He replies. “Let them fight they forgot I have the keys.” 

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X-2 Lakeland 2nd. Sat. 10:00 AM “Golden Corral” 4532 South Florida Ave., Lakeland
X-4 Orlando 3rd. Sat. 10:00 AM Casselberry Veterans Club, 200 Concord Dr.  
X-5 Ft. Lauderdale 4th. Sat. 12:00 Noon Blue Moon Diner, 10076 Griffin Rd., Cooper City  
X-6 Spring Hill 3rd. Sat. 10:30 AM VFW Post 9236, Shoal Line Blvd., Hernando Beach
X-8 Lee County 4th Mon. 12:00 Noon Golden Corral, 4590 Colonial Blvd., Ft. Myers 
X-9 Jacksonville 3rd. Thur. 13:00 PM American Legion, Mayport,  
X-10 Stuart 4th Sat. 11:00 AM Norris Restaurant, 6598 South US Hwy. 1
X-11 Tampa 2nd Wed. 6:30 PM “Golden Corral” 11801 North 56th St., Temple Terrace
X-12 W. Palm Beach 2nd Sat 12:00 Noon Greenacre City, Loyal order of the Moose
X-13 So. Sarasota 2nd. Sat. 11:30 AM Family Table Rest. 14132 So. Tamiami Tr. North Port
X-16 So. Hills, Co 1st. Thur. 10:00 AM “Armstrong Room” Buddy Freddies-Sun Pt.
  Shopping Cntr, SR674, Ruskin. 
X-19 Daytona 2nd. Sat. 11:00 AM Emory Bennett Veterans Home, Daytona Beach,
  1120 Mason Ave. 
X- 20 Melbourne 2nd. Sat. 10:00 AM Don’s Hoagies 847 Apollo Blvd., Melbourne
X-23 Crystal River 3rd. Tue. 10:30 AM Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club, 505 Hartford St.,