Navy Seabee Veterans of AmericaIsland X-11
Tampa, Florida
Department of Florida February 2015


  John Hillyer - Commander………....……..……………………. ...... 813-784-3121
  Ernie Nelson – Vice Commander................................................813-376-0500
  Bob Marlette –Treasurer ...........................................................813-684-8426
  Dwight Hamborsky – Secretary………………….…..……...……… .813-681-5861

Regular monthly meetings are normally scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 18:30 PM at “Tampa Buffet in Britton Plaza.  
 Commanders Corner

​Greetings all, January was the first meeting at the Tampa Buffet, and Vice Commander Nelson has sent out a survey asking the opinion of all those in attendance, we need all members to attend the February meeting and give their opinion of the facility ,food, driving problems or not, parking, etc. so an evaluation can be made to remain at Tampa Buffet or go back to Golden Corral or find another place. Put it on your calendar, post it note on the mirror, string on the finger, whatever you use to remember things.

Elections are coming up and I am told a list of nominees has been made, but what hasn't been put out is that Islands can have a 2nd or 3rd Vice Commander, so anyone interested in being an officer of the Island let Ernie know so he can put your name on the list.

Also, anyone wishing to buy a NSVA uniform to wear to the meetings or other events, I have a few used shirts, and the patches, Bolo ties, collar devices in stock.

And, those who have not paid their annual dues, which were due in June 2014, please come to the meeting and give the Secretary your payment or at least mail it in. While you are at it bring a Seabee to the meeting as a guest and maybe become a new member.

Russ Doe, as chair of the 2015 Convention Committee, has been hard at work finding a hotel. By the way, the convention is a good way to recruit new members, so be thinking of folks and talk to them about attending, even if just to visit with old friends. Keep in mind, this Convention will be for one or two nights. Friday is for early arrivals, DoFl officers, committees, etc, Saturday will be DoFl Executive Committee meeting in the morning, lunch, then the General Membership meeting the afternoon. Maybe a banquet that evening if a deal can be made. Sunday AM, Memorial Service, then go home or site seeing.

This schedule is based on results of the Survey, the DoFl Commander Carl Barrett sent around last year.

Be thinking of any activities that you would like the Island to be involved in, or fund raisers. Be prepared to get involved.

See you at the meeting,

John Hillyer
Commander X-11 Tampa
DoFl District 7, Vice Commander
National Counselor
From the Vice-Commander
We had our first meeting at the Tampa Buffet located at Britton Plaza in South Tampa. X-11 is giving this new location a try after meeting at the Golden Corral for a year and a half. In an effort to please the membership I sent out a survey asking for input from those in attendance. So far the results have been mixed. Since the meeting was sparsely attended I will send out the same survey to those who attend the meeting next week on Wednesday Feb 11. This should give us a broader base of input for future decisions on meeting locations. The results from the two meeting survey will be discussed at the March meeting.

As many of you know the NSVA has an ongoing project to place a NSVA monument at every National Cemetery in the United States. The newest location is at the National Cemetery in Sarasota. Back in January National Commander Dave Buchannan, X-11 Commander John Hillyer and I went to survey the site and meet with the Cemetery Director. We were shown the location for the monument. We made plans to pour the foundation off site and set it a few weeks later. With the help of Seabee Veterans of America Auxiliary member Ernie Nelson IV (my son) we delivered and place the foundation and it is now ready for the monument. 
The DOFL annual meeting is being sponsored by X-11 and will be held in the Bay area in April. 24, 25 and 26th of April. We are working on a program to high light the Department of Florida and X-11. In that regard we are looking for financial support. This can be done in a number of ways. If you or someone you know/work for or another patriotic organization would like to be represented in the program you can buy and ad. 

Annual Meeting Program Color Ads
Full page ad…………. $80.00
Half page……………….$40.00
One quarter page ……$20.00
One eighth page……… $10.00
Seabee Buddy Shout Out… $5.00

I will be happy to help you with developing an ad or a shout out.

Uniforms: The SVA is a proud organization of current and former Seabees. We have had good and not so pleasant experiences while serving in the Bees. These experiences have helped form foundation of who we are as Americans today. This continues in the example we set for our families, friends and co-workers. Since we are from such a small and proud group of Patriots we need to regain our focus of being in uniform. I am going to try and complete my uniform and wear it to our monthly meetings. I would ask that you begin to assemble yours so we can display our proud tradition at our meetings and other functions as they arise. 

ISLAND X-11 Meeting notes from Wednesday 14 January 2015:

ISLAND X-11 Meeting notes from Wednesday 14 January 2015:

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM, by Vice Commander Nelson.

The opening prayer was given by Vice Commander Nelson.

Pledge to the Flag, was lead by Vice Commander Nelson.

Preamble was read by Vice Commander Nelson.

Officers present were Vice Commander Nelson, secretary Dwight Hamborsky and Treasurer Bob Marlette.

Secretary's report by secretary Dwight Hamborsky, motion to accept the report, made and approved.

Treasurer's report by Treasurer Marlette, motion to accept the report, made and approved.

Under the weather: Keep in mind those who are in need of our prayers, Russ Doe, Martha Fairbrother, Lloyd Hawthorne, Anna Angello, Bertha Kemp and my and Linda's friend Tammy.

Old Business: 

Russ Doe chairs the Committee, and has sent requests to several hotels and is awaiting a response. Betty Nelson has handling the Hospitality room.

Registration fees are locked at $15.00 per National By-laws.

New Business: The next meetings for Jan. and Feb. will be at the Tampa Buffet, in the Britton Shopping Plaza.

National Navy SVA, is Sponsoring an effort to boost the Marvin Shields SEABEE Memorial Scholarship Fund from $7000.00 to $50,000.00.

Motion made and approved to adjourn. Closing Prayer by Auxiliary President Linda Joiner.

Meeting adorned at 7:25 PM.


Island X-11 has a page on the www.Florida-Seabees. com website created by Amy Bradley. If you want something posted let her know. 

Attention all,

NSVA Island X-11 Tampa, Florida , is on Facebook as: Island X-11 Tampa, Florida

Island X-11 Auxiliary news:

DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The date of the next meeting is scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month (February 11, 2015), 18:30 p.m., at the Tampa Buffett  

BENEDICTION & DISMISSAL: Meeting adjourned at 2000 hrs, with the closing prayer by Linda Joiner, Auxiliary President.

No 50/50 drawing this month.

FLORIDA CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION: A group of ex-Chief Petty Officers have started a Florida Chief Petty Officers Association Group. Annual dues are $10.00. If you are interested in joining this organization or wish information see John Hillyer or Ernie Nelson. Their website is: Look up the website to see membership 
roster & annual functions.

Important VA Websites
www. va. gov/agentoran ge
www. va. gov/centerform inorityveterans
www. va. gov/FIOMELE S S/index. asp
www. gov/homel oans
www. gov gov/survivors gov
www. veterancri si sl
www. gov Det. 1019 departed Port Hueneme for Noumea, New Caledonia

Semper Fortis
Russ Doe, Editor  


Date:  11 Feb 2015

Meeting called to order by Pres Linda Joiner  

Meeting closed: 19:50

Pledge of Allegiance All
Opening and closing prayer: With SVAA members

President: Linda Joiner
VP: Cinda Huntly
Secretary: Betty Nelson
Treasurer: Tammy MintonDianne DuKart 
Kathy Summers
Cathy Sauers
Hillary Nelson
Ernie Nelson
Will update with current sign in roster
TopicDiscussionParticipant/project Completed
MinutesAccepted from 1-2015Dianne DuKart
Introduction Above members
Treasurer reportTammy Minton
$80.00 bank balance
 Grow Financial- banking institution
Officers on account for signatures

Tax ID # 

Officers will need to go to Grow Financial to sign forms 
Tammy to receive it from SVA Tres .

Old Business
Membership Some members are paid up until 2016
Members at large $5.00 goes to the National
Associate Members – receive nothing
(no pin or voting rights)Need List of membership accounts for clarification-Linda

IdeasMelting Pot-D/C fundraising at this time
Beef o Brady- 10% of receipts 
Applebee’s- 15%
Outback- 10% 
Roses- SAVBetty- will continue to explore ideas

Uniform Patches$3 Linda
Pennies for NursesOn going 

New Business

Other SVA meetings2015 
National-Branson, MO 9/16-9/20
DOFL SVA Largo 4/24-26 
Responsibilities for the SVAA if any
SVA to expand on 

Next Meeting March 11 2015Tampa Buffet
1830/6:30 pm
3904 South Dale Mabry Hwy 

NSVA Auxiliary News