NSVA Island X-5 West Valley, AZ has started the “Seabee Freedom Rose” program which has been very successful. Other Islands within the NSVA can also join Island X-5 in presenting a “Seabee Freedom Rose” to Veterans. 

Your Island can purchase the roses from Island X-5 who has volunteered to be the NSVA point of contact for the “Seabee Freedom Rose” program. 
To order the roses, use the order blank below. “Circle” the amount of roses you would like to purchase. 

Note: Roses are packaged with 72 roses in a single package.

# of            # of           Price per           Cost for          Est.                       Total
Roses       pkgs.           Package          Roses           Shipping Cost  
*504           7                5.25            36.75               5.25                 42.00
1008           14                4.75               66.50               12.00               78.50
2016           28                4.25               119.00            16.00               135.00
2880           40                4.00               160.00             32.00             192.00  
* Minimum Order  

Please allow 45 days lead time to have a normal order processed. Orders requesting service in less than 45 days will increase additional costs in special handling and shipping.

Make checks payable to NavySVA Island X-5 AZ. 
Send this order form to: John O’Brien NavySVA, 8791 W. Marconi Ave., Peoria, AZ 85382. Tel: (401) 822-0235